Bay Haven Charter Academy

Volunteer Log

The Bay Haven and North Bay Haven Charter Academy Volunteer Log websites are available for recording your volunteer hours.  With a few quick steps you will be registered and ready to log your volunteer efforts.


Please read the following before registering for your account:


  • If you have children at multiple schools register only ONCE and register at the website of your youngest child's school.  Additional registrations on the other schools' websites will not be approved
  • Our volunteer managers can see your hours on all three websites.  Mom doesn't need to register on the elementary website while dad registers on the high school website in order to get credit at both schools
  • We pay per registered volunteer so please share an account with family members when possible
  • Your hours will be grouped along with the hours of all others that are volunteering time towards the 20-hour requirement for your student or students
  • After you register we will review your account for approval.  You can still log hours while waiting for approval
  • Every hour that you log will be reviewed by your school's volunteer log managers.  Any hours that don't meet program requirements will be disapproved and will disappear from your log without notification
  • Volunteer policy can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook from the appropriate school.  Links are to the right
    • If you have a question concerning program policies and you cannot find an answer in the handbook contact your school’s front office
      • Bay Haven
        • 850-248-3500
      • North Bay Haven Elementary
        • 850-248-0205
      • North Bay Haven Middle and High School
        • 850-248-0801
  • If you have questions concerning the mechanics or the function of the website please consult the website publisher's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section by clicking HERE
  • Use the Volunteer Log Registration document located on the right side of this page as a guide for registration. Click on the appropriate link below to begin your registration:




Bay Haven Charter Academy


North Bay Haven Elementary


North Bay Haven Middle and High School




The website publisher also offers an app that will allow you to submit your volunteer hours using your Apple or Android device.  Search the Apple or Google Play stores for "Volunteer Time Tracking" by Our Volts.


You must register for an account through the website before using one of the apps.


(This page updated 09/29/2016)