Bay Haven Charter Academy

Rules and Eligibility

  • A student’s residence as identified in FOCUS determines their eligibility.
  • The requesting legal parent shall complete and submit the online transportation request through their Smartchoice account.
  • The Transportation staff shall enter the FOCUS address in Google Maps and determine the total distance from the school of attendance. If the student resides between 2 and 10 miles of the school, according to our calculations, and the residence is not north of the Bailey Bridge or west of the Hathaway Bridge, then they will be eligible for transportation.
  • Please note that if you have more than one child, and they attend separate schools, one may qualify and the other may not.
  • We are not allowed to go outside our contract and make exceptions.
  • We hope all who desire to use the transportation system are eligible; however, we have a limited bus fleet and your child may be on a waiting list for transportation.
  • If you have custodial situations where the student resides with one parent one week and one another, we do not have the resources to accommodate alternating week requests, unless the two addresses are on the same bus route. We cannot hold seats on two separate buses for this. The request would have to be submitted for the official residence in Focus.
  • If you have questions or issues, please email for assistance.