Bay Haven Charter Academy


A higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for individuals, students and others, and results in a higher standard of behavior. Our dress code guidelines indicate appropriate school dress during normal school days. BHCA reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the school year. Students are expected to follow these guidelines. Every student in attendance shall wear the school uniform. Daily, teachers will have students recite the Pledge of Allegiance, offer a Moment of Silence followed by a Uniform Check List. The checklist will be accomplished without public notification. The list of violations will be retrieved by the office and parents notified by either a telephone call or letter regarding the first or second violation. The third violation in a 9 week period will indicate that the parent and student have made the choice to have the student called to the office and wait there until the parent can be contacted to remedy the violation. We all desire the students to be in class, but we cannot have a policy that some follow and others do not. Multiple other methods for compliance have not proven fruitful.


Parents select to have their children attend Bay Haven with full acknowledgement of the expectations and policies. Purchasing uniforms from BHCA designated and approved vendors is a policy requirement. Parents may not purchase an article of clothing and have it embroidered with the Bay Haven logo or Bobcat logo. This is a copyright infringement.


Hair: Hair must be neat and clean with no "unnatural" colors i.e. fluorescent, pink, bright green, Mohawks, etc. No hats, bandanas or headbands may be worn. Essentially, no headwear except hair bows for girls, hair bands, etc. If there is a question, please ask.


Shoes: Students must wear closed heel and closed toe shoes with socks at all times. No sandals, flip-flops, heavy military type boots or shoes with metal tips may be worn. We prefer no boots of any style. Heels must be a reasonable height.


Shirts: Uniform shirts must be tucked in. The number one uniform violation is for untucked shirts! Shirts are purchased through Zoghby's  in several colors with the school emblem. Each child is required to have at least one polo shirt in royal blue, although other colors are available. THESE ARE THE ONLY SHIRTS PERMITTED TO BE WORN IN SCHOOL.


Bottoms: All uniform bottoms that have belt loops must be worn with a belt through the belt loops, worn at the waist and be in good repair. Girls are also permitted to wear skirts, skirts and jumpers. Uniform Capri pants are allowed if purchased from Zoghby's. No rivets, cargo pants, cargo shorts, overalls, zip-off style pants, nor jeans of any color or style are allowed! DENIM OF ANY COLOR IS NEVER AN OPTION. Bottoms may be in Khaki or Navy only. Bottoms are purchased through a school uniform company, items chosen by the academy in the colors chosen by the academy. Land's End items MUST be exactly the same style as those available at Zoghby's. Check before you buy. No leggings; only tights with feet. No lycra undergarments as pants (worn with skirts, skirts, or shorts only).


General: Boys and girls may not wear body piercing other than earrings or studs in their ear lobes, only for safety purposes. At no time are students to wear anything offensive, immodest, or deemed inappropriate by the faculty.


Outerwear: All K-8 will be required to wear Bay Haven approved "logo" outer wear. This apparel may be purchased exclusively at Zoghby's. Students who have rented the approved athletic warm-ups and are currently on a Bay Haven team (extra-curricular activity) shall be eligible to wear the warm-up top for that sport during the season only. The full warm-up can be worn on game days. At the end of that particular season the warm-up will be returned. No other type of warm-up will be worn. If a particular sport desires to purchase t-shirts or sweatshirts after or during a season they will given one week to wear them and then only on Spirit Days thereafter. No other type of outer wear shall be approved to be worn inside or outside the buildings while on campus, field trips or athletic events while representing Bay Haven. Students may wear Bay Haven approved warm-up tops purchased for extra-curricular activities while inside. Jackets are not approved to be worn inside the classroom buildings. Students may wear jackets and approved outer wear while moving outside between classes and while traveling to and from the cafeteria for lunch.