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Who are we and what do we believe?


Currently, we have two elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school serving over 3000 students in Bay County.  All our charter schools are 100% public schools.  Anyone can apply to attend.  If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, we hold a public lottery, which is audited by Carr, Riggs, Ingram and Associates.  It is 100% transparent and available for public review.

We accept all Bay County students, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or special education status (unless they are designated for a center school).  We accept students with all performance levels. We take students from where they are and elevate them to their highest potential.  We are a High Expectations/High Achievement school and believe that competition drives higher levels of creativity and performance in education, just as it does in business.

We are required by state law to teach the Florida’s B.E.S.T Standards and administer the Florida Standard Assessments (FSA). However, we teach beyond the standards and firmly believe in setting expectations for our learners based upon a powerful work ethic. Our curriculum is based on rigor, relevance and relationships.

We are an organization of conservative values with powerful support for our military. We know that not all students go to or need to go to college.  Many move toward careers that better suit their life’s goals.  However, for those students who choose to pursue post-secondary education, our college preparatory program is dynamic with Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses along with a middle school Pre-AP program.  We also offer the SAIL (Studies in Advanced and Innovative Learning) Program in our high school and Pre-SAIL in our middle schools.

North Bay Haven and Bay Haven schools are consistently (for nineteen years) ranked in the top 10% of all traditional and charter public schools in the State of Florida.  We have the highest FSA and EOC (End of Course) exams scores in Bay County every year in virtually every subject at every grade level. 



Larry R. Bolinger

Chief Education Officer