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Welcome to Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc. Transportation. We anticipate a great year, and we are here to serve our student clientele in a safe and courteous manner each and every day. By Florida law, Bay Haven Charter Academy is no longer required to offer transportation, but it is our goal to provide transportation to the parents who have elected to send their children to the top performing public charter schools in the State of Florida. We have a fleet of buses and excellent fully certified drivers to serve our clientele. Thank you for allowing us to be of service.
This is only one method for requesting transportation through Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc.  An application must be completed through the parent Smartchoice account, which is the same account created when the parent made application for the student to one or both schools.  Through this account, if the student is enrolled, meaning an offer was given, accepted and all registration paperwork has been received, access to the Transportation Application tab on the parent dashboard section of the account will be available.
Contact for any issues or questions.
Link to apply:  Apply for Transportation   
DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT - FOCUS ADDRESS MUST MATCH TRANSPORTATION APPLICATION ADDRESS or the transportation application will be withdrawn as it cannot be processed.
Due to limited transportation resources, we will receive more requests for transportation that we have seats available.  Requests submitted are processed in the order received if the address on the transportation request matches the official address on the student's records in Focus.  If the address does not match, the request cannot be processed and will be withdrawn.  The parent may submit another request after the school is provided with 2 proofs of residence so that the address can be changed in Focus.
Please use the following contact information regarding qualifications for transportation, questions or additional information not found on this site.
FAQs - (Frequently Asked Questions)
How do I know if my child is eligible for transportation with Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc.?
A student enrolled and attending one of Bay Haven’s 5 charter schools may be eligible for BHCA transportation with respect to the charter organization’s contract with Bay District Schools and Florida Statute 1002.33. A student’s residence as identified in FOCUS determines their eligibility. The requesting legal parent shall complete and submit the online transportation request through their Smartchoice account. The Transportation staff shall enter the FOCUS address in Google Maps and determine the total distance from the school of attendance. If the student resides between 2 and 10 miles of the school, according to our calculations, and the residence is not north of the Bailey Bridge or west of the Hathaway Bridge, then they will be eligible for transportation. Please note that if you have more than one child, and they attend separate schools, one may qualify and the other may not. We are not allowed to go outside our contract and make exceptions. We hope all who desire to use the transportation system are eligible; however, we have a limited bus fleet and your child may be on a waiting list for transportation.

What is a qualified adult?
A qualified adult is determined in the following manner:
The parent or guardian for a student signs and has notarized at a Bay Haven or North Bay Haven school a letter (see attached authorized student pick up form) giving the names of those individuals who have permission to pick up a K – grade 3 student from a Neighborhood Bus Stop. Please note: Those listed on the notarized pickup letter must show their driver’s license or another form of acceptable I.D. to the driver before the child is released to their care. The legal parent or guardian shall meet the bus at the Neighborhood Bus Stop and identify for the driver those eligible to pick up their student.

What types of buses does Haven Transportation have?
All Bay Haven Transportation buses are fully certified through the State of Florida and all drivers are fully certified and tested the same as those individuals who drive for any public school district in the State of Florida.
What are my responsibilities as a parent?
1. If your student is eligible to ride in the morning, then you have to have them at the pre-arranged site in the morning in advance of the bus’ departure. If you are late, don’t chase the bus. It is not allowed to stop. You will have to take your child to the next pickup location stated on the website.
3. If your student is eligible to ride the in the afternoon, then our buses will take your student to one of the Neighborhood Bus Stops indicated on the webpage.
The parent is responsible for the following:
a) An adult must be present to receive any child in grades kindergarten through third grade at the assigned Neighborhood Bus Stop. If the qualified legal parent or guardian is not at the Neighborhood Bus Stop to receive the child on time, the bus will continue the route and keep the student on the bus. The driver will call the Transportation Director on the bus radio and alert him that the child did not have a qualified adult to pick the child up. The child can be picked up by the qualified parent at any subsequent Neighborhood Bus Stop by the qualified adult, or they will be returned to their assigned elementary school and placed in After Care. The parent or guardian will be charged for the After Care service at the daily rate. (See After Care)
b) Parents or Guardians who desire to assign a student in who is in grade 6 – 12 to escort a kindergarten through third grade student home must sign a release with Haven Transportation and have it signed and notarized by the school.
c) It is the parents’ responsibility to check for weather and make preparations for their child(ren) to have foul weather gear or to be on site to pick the child(ren) up at the appointed time.
d) If you have any questions, you are to call Transportation Coordinator or email Beyond that, you may call any administrator at your child’s school of attendance. Our goal is your child’s safety.
What may I not do?
1. As a student, you may not bus jump! This means that if you are assigned a bus, that is the bus you are to ride.
2. You may not have friends ride the bus home with your child unless you have received permission from the principal of the school your child attends, the friend rides the exact same bus, and we confirm with the parent that they indeed have requested this opportunity. Don’t assume it is alright to do this without school confirmation. We do not have seats available on the buses for this.
3. You may not request we make “courtesy stops” for your convenience. We simply do not have the buses, the drivers nor the finances to accommodate these requests.
4. Please do not send your child(ren) with big projects, band instruments or bulky equipment unless you have made prior arrangements with the bus driver and the school. Most of our buses are at capacity and cannot physically handle the extra equipment.
What if I have a question or concern?
1. Call or email our Transportation Coordinator or the Administrator for your school. Speak in a calm, organized well thought out conversation. It is easier to work with a polite respectful person than someone who is ranting with a raised voice and using inappropriate language.