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In preparation for each monthly board meeting, there will be a meeting held one week prior with the Board President, CEO, CFO, HR and board secretary to set the agenda.  Any items that need to be address at the board meeting should be sent to one of those individuals prior to this meeting.
Recommended procedures to accept board nominees:

For a seat up for regular election at the Annual (May) meeting: The deadline for receiving letters and resumes from applicants shall be April 18th. All letters of desire to serve and resumes shall be emailed in a Microsoft Word or Adobe format to Mr. Larry Bolinger at prior to the deadline date. Mr. Bolinger shall forward the documents that meet the requirements of application to current board members for review. A committee of current board members will review all applications and recommend a minimum of two applicants to the main board for consideration for each open seat.

The Board Chairperson shall have a new board packet ready at the same meeting following the vote and Mr. Bolinger shall schedule a meeting to orient the new members as to the operations of the schools, a tour of the school and a review of school history.
Board meetings are usually held the first Thursday of each month at 4:00pm at one of the school campuses.  Look for the location in the announcements section.
If you would like to contact a Board member, please contact Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc at 850-248-3500 and request contact information.